When the game first loads, you will be faced with the choice of playing through a tutorial or you can go straight in at the deep end so to speak.

I chose to play the tutorial as although I have seen my eldest son play, I have not played before.

The tutorial was very simple to understand and follow.  The game reminds me of the strategy games I used to love years ago such as Command & Conquer or Red Alert.

Once you have played the ininitial tutorial, you are presented with the option of picking your nickname (Choose wisely as they say this cant be changed).

When your nickname is accepted you will get to play another tutorial where they explain the other areas of the Force Arena game including the menu.

You need to pick a type of match,  for the tutorial you use ‘Training’ but there are also

  • Ranked Match 1 v 1
  • Normal Match 2 v 2
  • Team Up 2 v 2

First you are explained about the cards.  A card is basically a unit type in the game by tapping a card that unit is deployed in the game. Each unit has different abilities such as inflicting more damage on an opponent.




The tutorials in this game have been well made to give you an overview of exactly what you need to know to get started playing this game.

When you win a match you earn special Victory Card Packs, when you unlock these you can get special units, upgrades etc.



When you have finished playing throught the introductory tutorials the game mode Ranked Match 1 v 1 will be unlocked.


Force Arena Ranked Match

Force Arena Ranked Match



My favourite games from my youth would have been the Strategy games of the time such as Command & Conquor, Red Alert and various God Like games where you control different types of armies aka units to attack your enemy. The fact this is based in the Star Wars universe makes it so appealing. The graphics although not groundbreaking are more than enough for this type of game. Easy to get started, great tutorials to get you right in on the action, makes this a really good game for everyone.

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